Youngs Tank founder, Roy Young, began welding and fitting steel and aluminum pipes and fittings in 1956 at Lubbock Manufacturing. After leaving Gorbett Brothers Tank in 1968, Roy started Reliable Tank. Providing a variety of services and repairs, Reliable Tank began to enter into the manufacturing of tanks for the industry. Roy sold Reliable Tank to the owners of J & L Tank in 1974. In 1985 Youngs Tank, Inc. opened for business providing service and manufacturing. Over the years, while maintaining the highest level of quality in all aspects Youngs Tank has expanded our services to include repairs, parts, sales and manufacturing.


Youngs Tank is located in Boyd, Texas where we manufacture and service D.O.T. 406 aluminum and mild steel mounted truck tanks and semi-trailers with pump equipment and a wide range of specialty tanks. Manufacturing more than 100 tanks each year, Youngs Tank primarily manufactures tanks for petroleum, multi-viscosity oil and re-manufactured oil use. Youngs Tank is A.S.M.E. accredited with "U" stamp and U.S. D.O.T. registration for manufacturing, repair and service.

Youngs Tank

Family owned and operated, Youngs Tank strives to design, manufacture and sell the best product possible for the prescribed acceptance criteria as well as to exceed its customers' needs, while providing efficient and economical service. Youngs Tank values our employees, customers, distributors and vendors and looks forward to providing all tank needs. Youngs Tank welcomes our current and future customers to visit our facilities and to choose from our assortment of stock truck/tanks or semi-trailers, or to build a specific unit to any specification.

3500 E. HGWY 114, Boyd, TX 76023 • (800) 345-7952
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